Won’t the Real Straight People Please Stand Up?

Ok, straight people, it’s TIME! Time to stand up, and take responsibility for our own laziness and how it has caused others to suffer. The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community needs non-bigoted straight people to fight for LGBT rights. We are the key to their freedom and equality. Men have fought for women’s rights. Whites have fought for blacks’ rights, and straights need to fight for LGBT rights. Not only is it the right thing for us to do, it’s an extremely important thing for us to do.

We don’t really know what percentage of Americans are LGBT, but it’s definitely a minority and the more generous estimates have put it around 10%. Yet quantity shouldn’t dictate quality. If there were only four people, one lesbian, one gay, one bisexual, and one transgendered, those four people should be granted the exact same rights as the rest of us. Yet, we don’t grant it to them and it’s not because we’re hateful, it’s because we’re lazy. We don’t think it directly effects us, so we ignore it until it does or until something so awful that we can’t look at ourselves happens. Then, at that moment, we care, we feel guilty, outraged even, but then we can’t stand it, so we absolve ourselves of responsibility by going on Youtube and watch kitties run through beer boxes until we forget what lazy, irresponsible shits we all are. Then another trans kid commits suicide because she can’t see a future for herself, lather, rinse, repeat.

So, straight folks, go on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, any social media you can think of and tell everyone you can that you support LGBT folks and their equality, tell all of your friends and family, scream it from the rooftops. Make videos on Youtube and tell everyone that you support LGBT rights and why. Make a video on itgetsbetter.org and save a life. You all have congress people. Write to them. You all have school boards, write to them too. Write a friggin’ lame-ass blog like I do! That’s the least you can do! If the seeds of your ideas touch ONE person out there, you’ve done something. The more you do it, the higher the chances of touching several lives, so do it as much as you can! Actually, stop reading this right now and go do one of the aforementioned things!

For any LGBT folks reading, don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t mean that straight people are better or superior, but the majority needs to know it’s wrong before the minority can be emancipated. Unfortunately, the WRONG straight people are the squeakiest wheels and are getting ALL the oil. The WRONG ones also seem to be the ones with the most political power. It’s up to the RIGHT straight people to out number, out speak, out vote, and out express them until everyone gets it through their heads that those people don’t represent the majority of us. Plus, the wrong ones are more likely to listen to other straight people because they fear they’ll burst into flames if they look you in the eye. On second thought, you should talk to them as much as you can too…maybe they really WILL burst into flames and free us all!!


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