The Gov. Delusion

I really am baffled to see atheists, who have no faith in God, have strange amounts of faith in government. To me, they’re both complete illusions and the only real difference is that one is more expensive than the other. The similarities between the two are striking. Here is a short list similarities between God and government (for the purpose of this list, “it” shall be substituted for “God” and/or “the government”):

People go to war over what they believe about it.

People believe its publications are absolute, but they’re very contradictory, misleading, and can be interpreted a variety of ways.

People fight over the way its publications are interpreted.

People cherry pick and choose what they like about it.

People believe if they give it a certain percent of their income, it will help them, indeed help the world.

People believe it will save us all!

People think it has a plan.

People sometimes say it helps those who help themselves.

People don’t actually understand at all how it works, so they say it works in mysterious ways.

People know it loves them and takes care of them, but if they don’t obey it, it will punish them severely.

People think it listens to them.

People like to give it credit for their own hard work

People get angry at it because it seems to reward people who are known criminals, but lets people who are honest and hard working suffer and go hungry.

People get angry with it and blame it for the bad things in life, but conveniently rediscover faith in it when they get good things in life.

Lastly, I refuse to believe it has any power over me as a human being.

JUST STOP! Stop buying the illusions! YOU are it. YOU are the alpha and the omega. YOU are the master of your destiny. NOBODY, not God, not Jesus, not Allah, not Uncle Sam, not even your own mother, can help you or will help you more than you can help yourself. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!


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